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Check this journal if Requests are open or not please~

Bone Divider by Gasara

My tumblr has more shitposts than my DA

Bone Divider by Gasara



Underfell Comics - Shorts/Stories

Lost - Fell and Red fight - Complete

The Past - Their past - Complete

Other Comics
Drifting - Undercurrent Sans takes the UT!House hostage, as well as Undercurrent Papyrus taking the other Papyrus' hostage - Incomplete

Babybones - Little Papyrus' explore and play around together - Incomplete

Don't Come Back - Leaving Sans alone at the end - COMPLETE


YOU CAN CALL ME MAX, BRO, SENPAP OR PAPYRUS, I ANSWER TO THEM, BOSS IS ACCEPTABLE AS WELL. ( I don't care how I'm addressed really, I could be called "YOU" or "HEY BUTTFACE" and I would still respond xD )

I love drawing for others and of course myself, my favourite thing to draw is comics and backgrounds. I don't have any plans with my art (overall) other than to have fun. I spend my spare time watching anime, reading manga, playing games, cooking, cleaning, working and sleeping. I AM A BUSY PAPYRUS.

I'm over 25 years old so I'm sorry if I act/behave like I'm younger, I like to roll with things and spout positive garbage (like a papyrus) unless I'm forcing people to angst- so yeah.


Contest #1 - Flowey's Tears of Sorrow~ [OPEN]A fan art competition ^o^ and this is a serious competition unlike the first one i did.
Examples of ST Flowey
art by meh>< art by :iconFukuroMami555:
da Rules: 
1. Your art must have ST Flowey included in it. Adding other ST characters in it is optional but encouraged.
2. Your entries must be completed works, no sketches or WIPs.
3. Animations and gifs are accepted.
4. No previously created work can be accepted.
5. More than one entry is acceptable. (that would be even better actually XD)
6. To submit your entry, make sure to tag me in order for me to see it. and write 'contest entry' in its description, not in the title.
7. By the end of the contest, your arts will be featured in a journal as well as the winning arts. They will also get my personal review ^^
8. Z and I will judge the arts based off its creativity, beauty/awesomeness/etc, and meaning.
9. Most importantly, in other to participat
Contest!This is the first contest I'm hosting- so bear with me xD..
1. Entry must have a Rivertale character, any character will do, OC's and other AU characters are allowed!
2. Please tag me so I can see the entry, I might be searching sometimes, but tagging will make sure I see it
3. Please make sure to list Tsunaamii as the owner of the AU~
4. Entries should be made after this journal- old artwork cannot be accepted. Any form of art is acceptable as well, writing, pictures and comics and anything I can't think of lol.
5. One entry per person please!
6. Contest will end on the 2nd of February!
Delta and Blackberry:
(Delta is 7'11" Blackberry is 3'10")




I love in Paps battle, when he mentions being a royal guard, the bones swim by in the shape of a fish -w-..
The fact that Papyrus doesn't sleep but Sans says he does... it haunts me.
I always found it interesting that there's 4 ghosts and 2 confirmed skeletons..

And 6 fallen children. (Not including chara)
How many hours have you spent on Undertale?


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